Stockholm // 1



Week Uno. Stockholm, Sweden // Clear, blue skies + icy temperatures + more walking than I've probably done in the last four months combined // Beauty lighting in the bathroom + a commitment to more smiles even when I'm not feeling particularly smiley = the start of my #100daysofhappy Instagram series // Long strolls around markets brimming with vibrant blooms and antique treasures // Abrasive yet cheeky Italians + good coffee (a miracle in this city) + inspiration for my dream of developing an organisational OCD //  New socks from H&M + goosebumps (don't sleep with the window open, folks) // Even more walking + bad (giggly) Japanese buskers on the bridge to the Old Town + glistening channels of rushing water // Kitsch decor (cute, not sickening) + three hotel moves in the span of seven days (why are Stockholm hotels booked out and the streets so quiet?)...Don't let it's effortlessly hipster appearance fool you, this one (HTL) had no windows in either of the rooms I stayed in - torture. // Guitar noodling at the studio in my Pharrell hat (I wore it first, okay?)...// More updates on the way (prepare for an overload of good looking food (and hopefully people - these Swedes are rather attractive))...

Hotel staff are looking at me suspiciously as I've been sitting in the lobby bar for two hours, bobbing my head to Youtube choreography videos of Usher's new song 'Good Kisser'. I'm on the move again! No rest for the adventurers...


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