London // Europe Part Due

London, England // The land of grey skies, great sneakers, clipped sentences, cobbled lanes and the best pre-mixed gin and tonics I've ever put my lips to... // Every morning on the way to the tube, I'd rug up, stroll past Westminster Abbey and marvel at the beautiful, Gothic architecture of the church. I love the history of this town.  // £2 of joy at the end of a long day in the studio + several episodes of Chatty Man with three flamboyant men = pure joy. // Supermarket toast, fresh OJ and a long flick through the Sunday paper at the Portobello House Hotel (which I'd highly recommend a stay at if you want a superbly comfy bed, lovely service and a short stroll to the famous Portobello Rd Markets). Although a downgrade on the much loved Australian classic, Marmite was the closest thing I could get to Vegemite after weeks of salty breakfast spread deprivation. (Don't want you thinking I'm actually into that stuff)  // Terrace living // I developed a sickening Nike + New Balance OBSESSION whilst away (I wore sneakers to a club one night in Stockholm, and now I fear I'll never turn back) // A close up on my favourite Petite Grand bracelet (I haven't taken it off since December) + my first and only night in a comfortable bed whilst in London...The rest I spent on a fold out mattress in a room the size of a toilet cubicle (which I surprisingly didn't mind)...//

Hey London, your city is great, innit?


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