In Transit.

Syd -> Perth -> Dubai -> London -> Stockholm

Today marks the final day of "rest" (not really though, because I'm currently multitasking whilst in the studio) before heading into one of the most chaotic seven days of my year so far...After packing my life into boxes, stacking it neatly in storage and taking a whirlwind trip to Perth for a gig, I'm off to adventure my way through Europe. Three weeks of song writing, fresh Nordic air, strolls down cobbled lanes, people watching and endless pots of tea - my heart is at rest.
I can't wait to bring you along for the adventure! Stay tuned for crazy selfie videos of me battling language barriers, attempting to keep up with the ever-chic Stockholm street style folks (read, find one good outfit and wear it every day for seven days straight) and singing...LOTS of singing!


Images: iPhone, iPhone (feat. Perth designer Ae'lkemi), From Scandinavia With Love, Lekker Bikes, DigsDigs...

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  1. Where are you playing in Perth? Is it a public gig? Can I get in?