Left Bower

I don't cafe rotate very often. In fact, these days, I rarely do it at all. I find my 'spot' and it stays my spot until it stops being awesome, gets infiltrated by hipsters, or I just get sick of the menu...That generally takes a devilishly long time, by the way. I'm a creature of habit.

This morning I give to you, Left Bower. Tucked away in a side street of the ultra chic (*cough) Sutherland, lies this little gem of mismatched, organic, caravan-y goodness. No seriously, it's kitted out with decor that has legitimately been thieved from unsuspecting travelers holidaying in caravans (*that bit may or may not be true). On the shelves you'll find weathered scrabble sets (ready to be played over a big pot of tea and home made cake), picnic rugs, fiddle sticks, jars of marbles and little sets of your Nanna's favourite cups and saucers. Kitsch without being tacky and making my eyeballs hurt.

On the (seasonal) menu you'll find delights such as 'Green Eggs & Ham' - a heavenly little stack of sourdough toast, award winning shaved leg ham, smashed eggs, aioli, warrigal greens, vintage cheddar and a drizzle of pesto; 'Avocado mole´' - house made cornbread with the most amazing beans, fried eggs, a whole avocado and a smattering of greenery, freshened up with lime juice and herbs; 'Salad' - poached chicken breast with chicory, pea tendrils, grapefruit segments, and other delicious bits and pieces I can't quite remember. The list goes on, but you get the drift - it's all really really good. I believe most of the produce is also organic and locally sourced. Love that!

The cawffee is excellent and the beans are Australian-grown, which I very much appreciate, though I must admit I only go there to drink the chai. It's a fragrant tea blend with whole cardamon pods scattered throughout that I take piping hot and brewed with soy milk. Heaven. Someone behind the counter always has a chuckle as they exclaim that I'm ingesting "the most expensive drink on the menu!".

I feel at home every time I walk into Left Bower, which is everything I want in a cafe and more. You could sit there for three hours with a book and no one would give you shifty eyes from behind the counter. Be warned though, they may offer you a hefty slice of cream cheese-frosted cake...and refusing that my friends, can get very difficult.


Left Bower
3, 45 East Parade 
Mon-Fri: 5:15am-4pm
Sat: 7am-3pm 
Sun: 8am-2pm

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