Silver Screen.


Like every other little girl, I grew up wishing upon a star, wanting to be where the people are and walking with handsome (animated) men once upon a dream. Ahh yes, the sweet life of a Disney Princess seemed so enticing. The golden curls, the well-suited chaps fending off dragons, fairy godmothers, pumpkin carriages and glass slippers were enough...that was until I discovered the real leading ladies that lit up those cinema screens. The porcelain-faced, ruby-lipped women who could sing, dance, act, laugh, cry and still look incredibly glamorous at the same time. Judy, Audrey, Ginger, Barbra, Grace and Debbie - these became the real heroines for me.

Almost twenty years on, I still fantasise daily about the moment I secure my breakout role in a Funny Girl equivalent. A film that brings back the class, the elegance, the romance and the thrill of those golden days. I imagine the pain of being sewn into my heavily beaded costumes, the wind in my hair as I drive a vintage Chevvy along the coast, the rush as my devastatingly handsome co-star spins me around a ballroom before snatching me away and madly kissing me in the fairy-lit gardens of his mansion, the relentless takes of singing and dancing over and over again, and I am happy...Truly, truly happy.

Until then, I will relish every moment I'm given permission to pretend I am more graceful, glamorous and charming than I actually am.

Here's something I prepared earlier...*cue orchestra and velvet curtains


Behind the scenes images by Rachel Kara @ Sweet Bird Of Youth; other sources unknown

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