LA Numero 5

Today's soundtrack: Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience

From a cool, underground cave beneath a warehouse in Santa Monica, to a mansion in the tree-lined streets of Hollywood, my studio experiences in LA are proving to be extremely diverse...and boy oh boy does it make for some seriously exciting songwriting! I feel like I'm settling into the pace of life over here - finally I'm able to wake up at a reasonable hour, not end up in a ghetto when I bravely disconnect the GPS and eat meals at standard times (actually, consuming cereal at 11pm makes that last one not entirely true). That first week of feeling like a tourist sucked.

Next week's goals:

1) Avoid eating cake from Magnolia Bakery (or any baked goods, for that matter).
2) Drink fewer iced-soy-lattes-with-cinnamon. (In the high risk category for addiction).
3) Watch less TV.
4) Walk more.
5) See a chiropractor.
6) Go to church.
7) Find where all the young, eligible Californian boys are hiding.
8) Say what I mean and mean what I say.
9) Be awesome.

Off to a night session! I think I need a coffee...or a B12 injection...or a nap. Anything will do.

P.S NOBODY PREPARED ME (or my suitcase) FOR HOT WEATHER! Hello people, it's meant to be cold in the northern hemisphere...isn't it?

xx ELB


  1. Em - LA even in winter gets SUNSHINE and warm warm warm. Close to the coast you get some see fogs and cool at night but its ok ! Just ask yer dad !!!! xxx

  2. Hey! I was in Australia last year when the Voice was airing. I'm actually from the UK and I'm back home now but I loved the show. What are you doing in LA? :)