LA Numero 4

I'm so tired, I don't think I can form a proper sentence right now, so I'm going to say a few short words about the pictures above...

(I literally feel like all I do is sleep, drive, write, eat, take pictures of what I eat and watch Sex & The City over here...and the scary thing is, I'm not completely displeased about that.) 

Thanks to a few speedy lunch recommendations via Instagram the other day, I was able to switch on the trusty ol' GPS, hop on my noble steed (a zippy white Yaris) and drive 10 minutes down the road to Joan's On Third (West Hollywood) - a bustling, white-tiled cafe/gourmet grocer with many waiters of the male species. Dee-light. Every time I walk through the double doors, I'm instantly transported to what feels like a lovechild of my favourite haunts in Sydney (i.e youeni foodstore, Bread & Circus, The Grounds of Alexandria and ham). The salads are fresh, packed with flavour and healthy, therefore I've come to the conclusion that I've found my "spot" for the next month in LA. (Though I'm told that I'll change territories once I visit Cafe Gratitude later on this week...we'll see.)

Amidst my immense excitement over Joan's, I happened to conveniently spot a Benefit Cosmetics store across the road (where I willingly let an overly rosy-cheeked woman apply many 'necessary' products to my visage), several vintage boutiques, and last but not least, the famed Magnolia Bakery...I couldn't resist a giant, lemon syrup-drenched, coconut-filled, meringue-frosted slice of cake. Sorry gluten-intolerance, I really am (no I'm not).

P.S I'm so in love with my furry Timberland's - they kept my feet so toasty on a couple of freezing days here, though now it's so bloody hot, I'm wondering why I didn't pack more t-shirts...Whassup with LA weather, you guys?

P.P.S Apparently there were a few minor earthquakes in California over the last 48 hours? I was neither shaken, nor stirred. (But I'll still take a 007 on the rocks any day...oh my goodness, did I just type that? Just kidding Nanna!)

P.P.P.S Can't. Stop. Won't. Stop. Drinking. Soy. Iced. Coffee

P.P.P.P.S I refuse to take standard tourist-y pictures of touristy shiz because a) I hate crowds and b) touristy things are usually overrated anyway...

P.P.P.P.P.S I may cave on that last one, if I become enamored by the sight of the HOLLYWOOD sign.

xx ELB

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