LA Day One.

You know you're delirious when a bag of baked snacks gets you excited about life.

Well well well, here I am in the big smoke - Los Angeles: The city of broken dreams. It's 2129 (I have to use 24 hour time or else, in amongst my jet lag/migraine hangover I will get extremely confused) and Hollywood Blvd is still abuzz with activity. I know this because I'm residing directly behind it for the next month in a little studio filled with all white furniture, a random orange elephant on the desk, a large gold foot stool shaped like a head (also quite random) and a mink throw on the bed (just to spice things up a bit). Apartment number 5 - all part of a charming block of flats owned by a super friendly guy with all the classic symptoms of anal retentiveness. (He had a check list of EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING in the apartment and insisted on me signing off on each item...including the knives and forks). Bless.

Beside me I have a half-devoured pack of Goldfish crackers, which were a cheeky treat in amongst the $150 worth of groceries I just unloaded into my tiny kitchen. Uh oh, here were go, don't get me started on the supermarket...I can't believe how cheap organic produce is here...and how they're allowed so many magical super strength painkillers on the shelf...and how many types of yoghurt they have. It's amazing! I could go on for days about the wonders I found in my local Ralph's, but I'll just let you in one bit at a time.

In amongst all the vegetables I bought, I also snuck in a cheeky box of corn pops too (my childhood dreams were shattered when they stopped shipping them to Australia...). Can't wait to get into those bad boys in the morning. (Mum, if you're reading this, don't freak out - I'm not going on some kind of sugar/wheat/salt binge).

2200: I'm going to eat a cucumber, drink my body's weight in Aqua Panna, take a bath and go to bed. Best to get straight on LA time, methinks. Tomorrow I brave the drive to Santa Monica for my first song writing session...Wish me luck!

P.S Wolfgang Puck has his own brand of pasta sauce here. Of course I bought it.

P.P.S I was tripping out big time as I drove myself from LAX to the apartment this afternoon, on the wrong side of the road, in the wrong side of a car...Not gonna lie, I had a few heart attack moments whilst turning corners.

xx ELB

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  1. Wow- food glorious food! Nice to see you're so set up- no convenience store salads for you :) You're so brave driving in la la land. I won't even drive in Melbourne (damn hook turns). Though I did drive in France and yep corners can be heart stoppers for the first few days. Good luck with your first song writing sesh. Santa Monica is beautiful with lots of eclectic, wacky and eccentric characters- people watching plus. Don't steal the cutlery. Best, J x