A few weeks ago I snuck into my sister's bedroom, rummaged through her shelves and found a book to cuddle up with on a particularly grey day. Countless glistening pastries, succulent pieces of meat, cute bearded men in aprons, one quirky roof-top garden and a caravan of mexican-y goodness later, and I was completely and utterly in love (and also very hungry). Edible Selby is one of, if not THE single most delicious book I have ever read. If you're stuck on a Christmas gift for a food-lover/photography-lover/just-about-any-kind-of-lover, may I suggest this beautiful compilation of pictures and stories by Todd Selby. Just try not to read it on an empty stomach, or if you suffer from acute wanderlust (guilty on both counts) or it's goodness may hurt a little.


All images are excerpts from Edible Selby.

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  1. omg that food looks so good! I must find this book :D