You can beat an egg but you can't beat a root.

A root vegetable, that is. Gosh.
Minds out of the gutter please...

I am one of those pain-in-the-arse people who always posts food on instagram, but instead of apologising for it (I'm not sorry I make people hungry a lot more often than they possibly should be), I like to exacerbate the "problem" by posting recipes every now and again. 
Today I made a delicious, healthy silverbeet and sweet potato pie. I looks a little shabby but it tasted ahmazing.

1-2 sheets PUFF PASTRY (I used gluten-free...hence the dodgy patching job half-way across the pie) (also depends on the size of your dish, so best of luck trying to figure out the logistics. Hah!)
1 bunch SILVERBEET, shredded (include a bit of stalk in there too, just for it's healthy goodness)
1 ONION, finely sliced
2 cloves GARLIC, crushed
1 cup low-fat RICOTTA
0.5 of a SWEET POTATO, sliced thinly
Fresh ROSEMARY, SAGE, MINT, diced finely (roughly 1tbsp) (you can really use any herbs)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Layer sweet potato around the base of your dish. Place in the oven to begin cooking process.
Meanwhile, sautee onion + garlic + herbs in a little olive oil.
Add silverbeet and sweat down until soft and wilted.
Stir through pinenuts + ricotta.
Season with S&P
Remove pie dish from the oven and rest on a heat-proof mat.
Spread silverbeet mixture over the sweet-potato evenly.
Cover with puff pastry and brush the top with a little melted butter or milk.
Bake until pastry is golden...(I'd be lying if I knew how long this bit takes, as I wasn't watching a clock)



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