Oh Happy Day.

I just discovered my new favourite .com.

Oh Happy Day! (even if the website were terrible, I'd still feel instantly smiley looking at that name) is a collection of delightful D.I.Y projects, recipes, lifestyle pictures (quirky parties and super duper CUTE kids) and inspiration boards that just make me feel, well...happy! Being the food enthusiast that I am, I'm particularly enthralled by their step-by-step guides on how to frost a cake properly. (Visit that link and come back......See, I told you! Amazing!)

Also, though not my favourite holiday, I now dream of making my children look like giant flower fields or clouds on halloween. Actually, let's not shroud the truth here, I dream of making myself look like a giant flower field or fluffy cloud on halloween. I refuse to conform to the cohort of girls my age that basically take any occupation they can find and turn it into something skanky completely distasteful (i.e nurse/policewoman/secretary/milk-maid/barely-clothed animal).

Plus, these lovely ladies do cool shit stuff like putting custom stickers on apples for their bubbas. Kitsch and probably slightly embarrassing for the boys to be whipping out of their school lunch boxes, but I'm in love with the idea. I want to do nerdy, mumsy stuff like that when I have kids!

 Click your way over to Oh Happy Day and tell me what your favourite post is!



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