Foggy Wednesday.

Catching planes has almost become a guilty pleasure for me. The quiet taxi ride to the airport, the purchase of several good magazines at the terminal newsagent, a severely overpriced vegetable juice and a four dollar bottle of water and finally, the sweet surrender of switching off my phone - guilt free - for a minimum of two hours whilst soaring forty thousand feet above the ground.

Today is no exception. Here I am, at the airport again waiting for my delayed flight to Melbourne...I've just been informed (not by the company, but by a chatty stranger) that it's been pushed back by another hour. Yay.

"No time to get a dress today and I've got no backup. Looks, like I'll have to go on stage naked" I say..."This sucks balls" says Gerard (my accompanist) (and quite frankly, he's right. It does.). I have to stifle my delirious laughter as he offers the followup statement of "I think it's about time to eat my second piece of corn." We are so not normal.

Anyway, I found the above dress whilst traipsing through Frankie magazine with my breakfast this morning (Courtesy of Bread and Circus Canteen in Alexandria) and I am in LOVE. Please make more dresses with pastries on them Caitlin Shearer. Perhaps I should commission her for my next red carpet event...what do you think?

With a smile,



P.S Oh, I almost forgot - Welcome! Hope you enjoy visiting my yummy little internet home. Prepare your eyes and ears for pages of jazzy tunes, classy frocks, deeelicious food and all round goodness. Time to step into Life With Birdsall...

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